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Throsby Creek today

With perfect weather today, a few were out enjoying it with their bikes … I ran into Bernie Hockings, out riding with his adorable dog …In addition to being one of Newcastle’s leading bicycling activists, Bernie, with his partner Lyn, … Continue reading

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Riding my 1980s Bennett 10 speed, now restored

I decided to ride Fernleigh Track this morning as I had nothing much planned for the day and at the last minute I decided to take the Bennett to give me the chance to see how it went on a … Continue reading

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Bikes along Throsby Creek today

Matching in white …A vintage restoration: an old ten speed made into a 3 speed …A great colour scheme …My Bennett with “Italian leather”panniers…

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Shopping in a rush (by bike)

Today I had to make a quick trip to the local shopping centre  and as I was leaving I was cursing the fact that I would have to unlock the bike, put on my gloves and helmet and pack up … Continue reading

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Riding Fernleigh Track

I’ve had very little chance to do much riding for the past two weeks due to other commitments so when I had an appointment today at Belmont Hospital, and the weather fined up after a few days of rain, I … Continue reading

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Cyclists around Newcastle this week

We’ve had some superb weather this week, just the weather for cycling, and yesterday especially, with cyclists everywhere, along with freshly cut grass, it felt more like summer than late autumn … In my short ride from Adamstown along Raspberry … Continue reading

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Raspberry Gully shared path – an important link in the cycleway network

Raspberry Gully shared path is a little-used offroad bushland track that serves as a handy link between some of the better known bike tracks around Newcastle and is a very pretty ride.It is built on the old gully line, a … Continue reading

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Biking sights around Newcastle this week …

Today, Adamstown …Today again, Adamstown …At Adamstown railway gates, a five minute wait for the coal train to pass …One cyclist taking the “shortcut” at the gates …Wednesday, Raspberry Gully track …

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Why is cycling so controversial?

Sydney has a newly created network of cycle tracks, separated lanes and paths which have been named the Sydney Cycleways, I think this is a great name as it captures the concept of a combination of separated paths, shared paths and cycling … Continue reading

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Shared path etiquette

There are signs at the start  of shared paths outlining the rules: keep to the left, keep your dog on a leash, pick up your doggy’s do, keep children safe, no motorbikes allowed, wear a helmet, etc. These signs are … Continue reading

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