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Riding Fernleigh Track

I’ve had very little chance to do much riding for the past two weeks due to other commitments so when I had an appointment today at Belmont Hospital, and the weather fined up after a few days of rain, I … Continue reading

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Panniers – product review

When Velogear was having an Australia Day sale of some of its products, I thought this was a great chance to get a set of panniers, something I had been meaning to get for a while. I liked the look … Continue reading

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Why I ride my bike: Part 2

I have an autoimmune disease, it struck me 6 years ago when I was 50, it’s called Linear IgA bullous dermatosis, which means blistering skin disease caused by IgA antibodies deposited in a linear fashion in the skin. I take … Continue reading

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Bicycle mural

This mural by Trevor Dickinson, which is found in the tunnel leading from Newcastle Beach to Pacific Park, is just such a superb iconic representation of Newcastle beach culture. From the roped fence separating the beach from the road (a … Continue reading

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Christmas shopping & other things

While I decide what to do about racks and baskets on my bikes, I improvised with my shopping today, it worked well for me, though I think that if I had a long way to travel with a flimsy bag … Continue reading

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What to wear on a bike in Spring

Our Spring weather is uncharacteristically cold, windy and wet lately, making it difficult to know what to wear on the bike most days. I ┬áneeded to go to Cardiff and Glendale today and was not sure what the riding conditions … Continue reading

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