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Another restoration project: a 1980s Bennett

I had been thinking it would be great to have a road bike to take out on faster rides, such as when I ride Fernleigh. I used to have a road bike when I did triathlons many years ago and … Continue reading

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Malvern Star Wisp

Seen in Newcastle today, and this one looks as though it is all original. A quick look on eBay tells me there are a few of them around, they date back to the 80s, have 10 speeds and now sell … Continue reading

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Beautifully refurbished vintage bike

Today my eye was caught by the sunlight glinting off the mudguard of this bike, even though I was at some distance from it. At first I thought it was new, but on closer inspection I saw that it was … Continue reading

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My decorated tricycle

It may surprise some of my readers to learn that my vintage Speedwell loopframe was not my first red bike (though I use the term “bike” loosely as I am not referring to a two wheeled vehicle but a three … Continue reading

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Vintage road bike at the John Hunter Hospital

As I emerged from the JHH today I was surprised at the number of bikes parked there near mine, there are usually two or three but today it was about eight, all in a row, mostly mountain bikes which I … Continue reading

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