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My decorated tricycle

It may surprise some of my readers to learn that my vintage Speedwell loopframe was not my first red bike (though I use the term “bike” loosely as I am not referring to a two wheeled vehicle but a three … Continue reading

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Why I ride my bike: Part 2

I have an autoimmune disease, it struck me 6 years ago when I was 50, it’s called Linear IgA bullous dermatosis, which means blistering skin disease caused by IgA antibodies deposited in a linear fashion in the skin. I take … Continue reading

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Those were the days …

This is a photo of my father taken in May, 1941 when he was 18 and before he went to war. He worked as the orderman for the local grocery store in Macksville, on the mid-north coast of NSW, which … Continue reading

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The evolution of my vintage Speedwell bike

I have done many posts on my Speedwell and this is an overview of the changes it has gone through in the past few months.  It had had a revamp and a brief return to the pathways when my sister … Continue reading

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The typical Novocastrian bicyclist

When I first started this blog, my aim was to reflect the cycling style of Novocastrians and to comment on how infrastructure could be made better around here to accommodate us. And it has been a bit like that, though … Continue reading

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Upgrading my Speedwell (circa 1955): Ride report

I have had a few rides on my Speedwell since it was upgraded with a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub with coaster brake, hybrid alloy wheels and Michelin Tracker reflective tyres, and I have to say that it is a … Continue reading

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I was on Eco Velo

During my blogging downtime my bicycle commuter profile was on Eco Velo. Read about me here.

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Why I like to ride my bike : Part 2

My love of vintage bikes came about because I generally love old things, especially if they have a certain style and quality about them and also if they have a special meaning for me. Many of the things which I … Continue reading

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Why I like to ride my bike: Part 1

I have always liked to be a bit of a greenie, though not in a huge way, and I found that riding my bike for transport fits in well with this. I started riding my bike as an adult to … Continue reading

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