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NSW Cycling Laws

Overview of the recent NSW bike law changes can be found here. The stated aims of the laws were to protect cyclists, yet the targets of those changes were mostly cyclists themselves. Very few cyclist deaths are caused by cyclists … Continue reading

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Is it better to have a cycling strategy or a transport strategy?

The last Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan released by the City of Newcastle was in March 2012. It set as its targets: “in accordance with the NSW BikePlan target, increase mode share to cycling to 5% for trips less … Continue reading

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More research into the benefits of cycling?

There has been much research into the benefits of cycling to underpin cycling strategies adopted by government at various levels. It is carried out by government, advocacy groups and health professionals as well as others. This research variously shows that … Continue reading

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Why more women don’t ride bikes

How do we get more women to ride bikes? It is a question that is often asked among bike advocates and city planners and there is no simple answer. Why would women want to step into that man’s domain, get … Continue reading

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Bicycles, the law, and a bit of ambiguity …

I’ve had car drivers indicate to me that I should be walking across a crossing when  I am on a designated bike route which crosses a road. Or when they cut me off, point out to me that my bike … Continue reading

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