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There have been many changes around Newcastle lately. The biggest one is the cutting of the rail line and terminating of trains at Hamilton. This has created a lot of havoc as it means the traffic around the station has … Continue reading

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Placemaking in Newcastle

Today I attended a party to launch this nearly completed mural which was funded under Newcastle City Council’s Placemaking scheme. It is located in a laneway behind Bank Corner, just off Hunter Street. Another detail from the mural …The laneway … Continue reading

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Coffeeneuring is the event of going for coffee on your bike. Combining both exercise and coffee, with the option of food, it has gained a global following. It was invented by Mary of Chasing Mailboxes DC . Basic rules: 7 weeks, … Continue reading

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Murals in Newcastle with bikes in them

This is an excerpt from a quite famous local mural near Newcastle Beach by Trevor Dickinson. The mural features many beachy icons from days gone by and whenever I see it it fills me with a nostalgia that is so … Continue reading

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Video: bikes at the beach in Newcastle

To take us away from the wet and miserable day we are having today, feel free to watch this short video I compiled of bikes at the beach in Newcastle this summer just gone … Music is Gentle Marimba  by … Continue reading

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Bicycle mural

This mural by Trevor Dickinson, which is found in the tunnel leading from Newcastle Beach to Pacific Park, is just such a superb iconic representation of Newcastle beach culture. From the roped fence separating the beach from the road (a … Continue reading

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Very nice fixie

I have featured this bike before as a form of art, but this time I am looking at it in more detail, as it has some interesting features…The lights, frontand rear ….not very clear photo, unfortunately, but you can see … Continue reading

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The bicycle as an art form

The first thing I noticed about this bike was that it was silver, then I noticed that the tyres were also (mostly) silver and that it had a flat… And then I noticed that it was not locked up. I … Continue reading

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The bicycle as art form

During the daytime … and at night There is a cafe in Beaumont Street with this bike in the window at night. I went there during the day once and it was also there, it seems like it is a permanent … Continue reading

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The bicycle as art form – bike shadow

This was done at Bar Beach a few years ago. It is a great way to raise awareness of bikes in the city, as well as decorating an otherwise ugly and uninteresting wall.

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