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What makes a cafe popular with bike riders?

Locking areas or bike racks are not necessary for bike riders to frequent particular cafes. So long as there is an outdoor seating area where you can be close to your bike, most bike riders are happy just to leave … Continue reading

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Spring riding

Spring is arguably the best time of the year to be riding, not least because of the many, and often new, bikes to be seen on the roads. The best one I have seen this Spring is this one: It … Continue reading

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Bikes seen in Hamilton today – colourful!

A study in blue – shoes, T shirt and backpack all match the bike. Rainbow palette. Pink fairy rider. Green beside the racecourse.

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Cool things you can do by bike that you can’t do by car

Ride through work sites that are closed off to traffic, the workmen don’t mind. (Of course this does not apply to work sites on bike paths.) You can also ride into permanently closed-off roads. Stop at the ATM without even … Continue reading

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Bikes seen in Newcastle recently

Waiting for Spring, Hamilton. Late afternoon in Hamilton. Early morning in Adamstown. It’s a dog’s life, Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

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Helmetless riders

I don’t think it is any surprise for anyone in the biking blogging world to learn that Australia has mandatory helmet laws for cyclists, that Australia is somewhat mocked for those laws and that the lack of success of bike … Continue reading

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Bikes seen in Newcastle this week

Hamilton, last weekend. Pink ladies bike, Gregson Park. Morning commuter, Adamstown. Hamilton, late afternoon. I decided to include this photo even though it is so blurry, as he is carrying a walking cane on his bike, you can just make … Continue reading

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Vehicular Cycling

 I had heard the term “vehicular cycling” before and understood it to mean “riding as if a car on the road”, in other words, taking the position of a car when riding on the road in traffic. The latest edition … Continue reading

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Bicycles in Newcastle this week

In spite of the shocking weather we have had the past two days, beach cruisers were out in force today …And bikes were also in the local media again, with an announcement being made that an approved rates increase for … Continue reading

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Hamilton in the late afternoon

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