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Creating a bicycle culture is more than just about the infrastructure

To really create a bike friendy culture, a number of things need to change in the way people think, and that is not always related to just the bicycle infrastructure (ie bike paths). At the local Bunnings hardware store, there … Continue reading

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Bikes in Newcastle today + corkscrew bike rack

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Innovative locking solutions

When I had to make my regular visit to the pathologist recently I had to lock my bike to this tap, it was the only available¬†way of locking up the bike unless I took up a car parking space and … Continue reading

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Rethinking bicycle infrastructure

In my previous life I used to attend many seminars and conferences, most of which were very non memorable. One session which I do remember quite well was about disabled access and how poorly it was thought out: the presenter … Continue reading

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Beaumont Street, Hamilton, in the late afternoon

A well laden bike …Cake …Bikes outside the supermarket …

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Survey regarding bike racks in Newcastle

If you¬† would like to have input into the design of new bike racks in Newcastle, please go to this address to do this survey which has been designed by one of my readers and the results of which will … Continue reading

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Cycling to Charlestown Square and Westfield Kotara: a comparison

While I do not often frequent shopping centres, I do need to visit them sometimes and the ones I go to are Charlestown and Kotara. When I go to Charlestown Square, I travel behind St Pius College, through Kotara Homemaker … Continue reading

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Two degrees of separation

I rode into Newcastle the other day with Peter. As we were going through Wheeler Place I saw a lot of interesting looking bikes and wanted to stop to take photos of them …As we were admiring this one with … Continue reading

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Pseudo motorcycle

It is hard for me to believe that bikes such as this are legal here, but they are. So long as the motor is an auxiliary motor and below a certain number of horsepower, it is perfectly legal and the … Continue reading

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Summer, the beach and the Mall

Now that our weather is finally becoming like proper summer weather, I have been able to go to Newcastle baths more frequently …and the bikes there! There is either a resurgence of delightful (to me) bikes, or I had been … Continue reading

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