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Why is cycling so controversial?

Sydney has a newly created network of cycle tracks, separated lanes and paths which have been named the Sydney Cycleways, I think this is a great name as it captures the concept of a combination of separated paths, shared paths and cycling … Continue reading

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Shared path etiquette

There are signs at the start  of shared paths outlining the rules: keep to the left, keep your dog on a leash, pick up your doggy’s do, keep children safe, no motorbikes allowed, wear a helmet, etc. These signs are … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek fisherman

I spoke to a fisherman at Throsby Creek the other day, he had ridden by bike to the Creek. He had five rods and various other fishing paraphernalia and he had carried it all on this bike …He had used … Continue reading

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Great cycling beauty spots of the world (in Newcastle)

Just sometimes, I can imagine that Newcastle has a touch of some of the world’s great cities in it. This could plausibly be Paris on a summer’s day …. but it is in fact a cafe in the far more … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek still closed!

Over a month ago I put up this post about the Throsby Creek closure. The workman I spoke to said it would only be another two weeks or so but it has now been over a month. When I went … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek at sunset

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Riding the Sydney Cycleways

Yesterday I had cause to go to Sydney and decided to take my bike and ride from Central Station to Kogarah, which is where I had my appointment.  I had a copy of the Sydney Cyclways map with me and which … Continue reading

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A ride of note, or notoriety …

Yesterday, on a glorious day sandwiched between the rain we have become accustomed to this past summer, nineteen people, and one dog, converged on Marketown with our bikes and Steven Fleming of Cycle Space took us on a guided tour of … Continue reading

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Newcastle ride for a better bicycle infrastructure

Newcastle, because of its history in coal mining, has much infrastructure which has fallen into disuse and which, being old tram and train tracks and canals, is eminently suited to become bike paths. This has already happened in several cases, … Continue reading

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What motivates people to cycle?

Lake Macquarie City Council is currently calling for feedback on its cycling strategy. This raises some interesting questions as the council has targeted a fair portion of its cycling budget for educational programs rather than for building new infrastructure. This … Continue reading

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