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The Georgetown Juggernaut

This handmade cargo bike by Michael Newton has undergone considerable upgrades since it was first built in 2012. I first saw it at Bike Hour 2012, a bit over 2 years ago. At that time, there were very few cargo … Continue reading

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Creating a bicycle culture is more than just about the infrastructure

To really create a bike friendy culture, a number of things need to change in the way people think, and that is not always related to just the bicycle infrastructure (ie bike paths). At the local Bunnings hardware store, there … Continue reading

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Placemaking in Newcastle

Today I attended a party to launch this nearly completed mural which was funded under Newcastle City Council’s Placemaking scheme. It is located in a laneway behind Bank Corner, just off Hunter Street. Another detail from the mural …The laneway … Continue reading

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Bicycles seen around Newcastle and Sydney lately

A rider in Redfern Sydney, note the lack of helmet which is fairly common in inner Newcastle and Sydney.A rider in the park near Central Station, carrying a musical instrument on his back. Just a few of the many bikes … Continue reading

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Riding around town on a cargo bike

So my daughter has been riding around town for some time now on her Nihola and this has brought to light some of the infrastructure and attitudinal challenges she has to deal with here in Newcastle. While it is possible … Continue reading

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Everyday things you can do by bike in Newcastle

Go to the beach. This is a no-brainer really. The beaches are accessible by bike, there are no parking problems when you get there, you generally don’t have much stuff to carry, and if you are going to the beach, … Continue reading

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Cargo bikes & some comments on Bakfietsen and Niholas

I mentioned recently that my daughter had a bakfiets on loan. She was going to make the purchase of a Nihola but it was not available at the promised time, so the Melbourne based dealer sent her the Bakfiets in … Continue reading

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Spring riding

Spring is arguably the best time of the year to be riding, not least because of the many, and often new, bikes to be seen on the roads. The best one I have seen this Spring is this one: It … Continue reading

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Bikes around Newcastle this week

… Hamilton, today … bike with home made trailer, Kotara, Saturday … Kotara, Saturday … Hamilton, Saturday … Hamilton, Saturday

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Bike hour in Newcastle

This event was a huge success here in Newcastle! There was a gathering at the Harbour foreshore, I was interviewed by Jill Emberson, ABC radio announcer, I met up with many friends, I saw a brand new handmade cargo bike, … Continue reading

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