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The perfect pants for bike riding

I have seen several young women wearing these drop-crotch, loose, long pants around town when riding their bikes, and they struck me as being the perfect pants for bike riding, especially in summer. The pants billow out, sail like, and … Continue reading

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Bikes (and other things) around Newcastle lately

Yesterday I was surprised to see not one but two adults commuting by scooter, could this be a new trend around here? I was also shocked to see this in a shop window in Islington:So very like my Speedwell, only … Continue reading

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A ride of note, or notoriety …

Yesterday, on a glorious day sandwiched between the rain we have become accustomed to this past summer, nineteen people, and one dog, converged on Marketown with our bikes and Steven Fleming of Cycle Space took us on a guided tour of … Continue reading

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My decorated tricycle

It may surprise some of my readers to learn that my vintage Speedwell loopframe was not my first red bike (though I use the term “bike” loosely as I am not referring to a two wheeled vehicle but a three … Continue reading

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Summer, the beach and the Mall

Now that our weather is finally becoming like proper summer weather, I have been able to go to Newcastle baths more frequently …and the bikes there! There is either a resurgence of delightful (to me) bikes, or I had been … Continue reading

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Beaumont St cyclist

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More Sydney bikes

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Cycle Chic in Newcastle

All dressed up for work, in heels and a skirt, a relatively unusual sight in Newcastle.

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Bikes seen in Adamstown yesterday

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Bikes at the Olive Tree Markets

I visisted the Olive Tree Markets for the first time this weekend and was very surprised and pleased to find that many people had ridden there by bike The ladies’ Gazelle is a very rare sight around here, I am … Continue reading

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