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Green bike lanes

We have a number of these green painted bike lanes in Newcastle, and I like riding on them, they provide a sense of safety in the traffic and at lights as in the picture above. I feel as if I … Continue reading

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Bike lanes, Copenhagen style

It was always going to happen that Newcastle was going to get Compenhagen style bike lanes, as it had been promised in the Newcastle City Council Cycling Strategy, but nonetheless, I was surprised to learn that they are already here, … Continue reading

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Roundabout infrastructure

These pics show the new bike lane through the roundabout near Marketown. I am not sure what I think of this infrastructure. Roundabouts are notoriously dangerous for cyclists and, while this one provides a very defined place for cyclists to … Continue reading

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Shopping in a rush (by bike)

Today I had to make a quick trip to the local shopping centre  and as I was leaving I was cursing the fact that I would have to unlock the bike, put on my gloves and helmet and pack up … Continue reading

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Cyclists around Newcastle this week

We’ve had some superb weather this week, just the weather for cycling, and yesterday especially, with cyclists everywhere, along with freshly cut grass, it felt more like summer than late autumn … In my short ride from Adamstown along Raspberry … Continue reading

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Cycling infrastructure – Sydney & Newcastle

I was pleased to receive in my inbox yesterday an email from Sydney Cycleways, citing a cycling uptake in recent years of astronomic proportions – an increase of “82% between March 2010 and March 2012 – in many locations numbers have … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek still closed!

Over a month ago I put up this post about the Throsby Creek closure. The workman I spoke to said it would only be another two weeks or so but it has now been over a month. When I went … Continue reading

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Riding the Sydney Cycleways

Yesterday I had cause to go to Sydney and decided to take my bike and ride from Central Station to Kogarah, which is where I had my appointment.  I had a copy of the Sydney Cyclways map with me and which … Continue reading

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A ride of note, or notoriety …

Yesterday, on a glorious day sandwiched between the rain we have become accustomed to this past summer, nineteen people, and one dog, converged on Marketown with our bikes and Steven Fleming of Cycle Space took us on a guided tour of … Continue reading

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Should some footpaths become shared paths?

As I was cycling along the footpath this morning in an area that is partly a shared path I had a comment from the one pedestrian I saw,  he said “You shouldn’t be there”. He wasn’t angry or abusive, I … Continue reading

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