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Commuting by bike

With winter well and truly upon us now, there are fewer bike commuters out there, this one above was one of the very few I saw today. So when my beloved suggested that he may start commuting by bike, I … Continue reading

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Riding Fernleigh Track

I’ve had very little chance to do much riding for the past two weeks due to other commitments so when I had an appointment today at Belmont Hospital, and the weather fined up after a few days of rain, I … Continue reading

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Shared path etiquette

There are signs at the start  of shared paths outlining the rules: keep to the left, keep your dog on a leash, pick up your doggy’s do, keep children safe, no motorbikes allowed, wear a helmet, etc. These signs are … Continue reading

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Video: riding the streets and cycleways of Newcastle

A short video riding through the urban and suburban roads and the bike tracks of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Music: “Ellyn’s Melody” by Ending Satellites.

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Bicycles, the law, and a bit of ambiguity …

I’ve had car drivers indicate to me that I should be walking across a crossing when  I am on a designated bike route which crosses a road. Or when they cut me off, point out to me that my bike … Continue reading

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Christmas bikes

Post Christmas, I expected to see many new and shiny bikes, and indeed, there are many of them around, mostly of the sparkly streamer and trainer wheel variety as seen here, though it is a long distance shot and the … Continue reading

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Bicycle infrastructure wins, and loses, in Newcastle

The new Homemaker centre at Kotara has a great new bike track going through it.It is well marked and easily accessed from both ends with lights at the main roads. It follows the drain as you can see in the … Continue reading

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Bikes at the Olive Tree Markets

I visisted the Olive Tree Markets for the first time this weekend and was very surprised and pleased to find that many people had ridden there by bike The ladies’ Gazelle is a very rare sight around here, I am … Continue reading

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Newcastle city

Newcastle is an unusual town in many ways, it started out as a coal mining town and that has shaped its growth. The coal brought BHP steelworks here and this shaped the culture, and still does. The town revolved around … Continue reading

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The Fernleigh Track: the great urban escape

This is a ride report to enter into the competition being run by Lovely Bicycle, even though I am not vying for the wonderful prize that is on offer at her blog, I wanted to write a report on our … Continue reading

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