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Bikes seen in Newcastle this week

This fellow impressed me with his venturing out to ride in the weather we are having at the moment – very windy, rainy and cold. He is well prepared for it though with his weather proof panniers and backpack and … Continue reading

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Bikes at the John Hunter hospital today

There were only two bikes today, a contrast to the past few weeks when there would be ten or more, no doubt a result of the wet weather …and inside the lobby …

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Bikes at the John Hunter Hospital today

Today at the place where I park my bike at the hospital there were nine other bikes. Usually there are about five at most. It is coming into winter now and although our winters are very mild, many still put … Continue reading

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Seen at the John Hunter Hospital today

I especially like the sticker on the side of it, though I am not sure whether it means that this bike was used as a delivery bike for the US postal service. If so, their bikes are a lot more … Continue reading

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Vintage road bike at the John Hunter Hospital

As I emerged from the JHH today I was surprised at the number of bikes parked there near mine, there are usually two or three but today it was about eight, all in a row, mostly mountain bikes which I … Continue reading

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Bicycle parking … some reflections

Here in Newcastle we have bicycle parking which varies from the artisticto the modernistic …and such racks are usually not full, as you can see above. Inspired by Lovely Bicycle’s latest post about bike racks, and my own experience yesterday: … Continue reading

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