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1980s Bennett Super Sports

So here is the Bennett that I have been working on all year, albeit with many work breaks. It is still not completed, but the remaining things to be done are minor and the bike works very well as it … Continue reading

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Diversity of bikes in Newcastle

There is a growing diversity of bikes being ridden in Newcastle now and this was really evident at the launch of Bikefest the other day. I really believe that to have a lively bicycle culture, there needs to be interest … Continue reading

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A Newcastle tradition

A few days ago I ran into Adam while he was out from work getting his lunch. Adam is a sometime commenter on this blog, and he was riding his fixie, a vintage Malvern Star frame, built up, painted black … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt from my Bennett restoration

It seem like eons ago since I started this project, and ┬ámy original plan seems like foolishness now: take it apart and paint it one day then put everything back together the next so I didn’t forget where everything went … Continue reading

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Bikes in Newcastle today + corkscrew bike rack

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What price for an old bike?

This morning as I was heading out for the day, a man about my age and very well dressed for professional work, called out to me and came running up the footpath, asking me where I got my bike from. … Continue reading

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Some vintage bike love around Newcastle lately

First cabs off the rank – two Malvern Star mixtes. I was not aware that Malvern Star made mixtes, but I have seen two of them in the past week, this green one outside Maurice’s, which appears to be for … Continue reading

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Riding the Bennett (even though it hasn’t been restored yet!)

Today was such a delightful day that when I was invited to a ride into town with a group of friends I naturally decided to go, and to ride the Bennett. The reason for this was to see how I … Continue reading

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1980s Bennett restoration

The Bennett in all its upturned-handlebars former glory ….See more pics of it on this post. Some lovely details are emerging on this Bennett as I am restoring it. The headbadge with brass rivets, which was painted over before, and … Continue reading

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Seen at the Smart Energy Expo today

This bike caught my eye as I could see from the distance that it was a vintage model, then on closer inspection I saw that it had this very cute sticker on it ……. changing its name from Repco to … Continue reading

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