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Bikes seen in Newcastle this week

Hamilton, last weekend. Pink ladies bike, Gregson Park. Morning commuter, Adamstown. Hamilton, late afternoon. I decided to include this photo even though it is so blurry, as he is carrying a walking cane on his bike, you can just make … Continue reading

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Bikes in Newcastle today + corkscrew bike rack

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What price for an old bike?

This morning as I was heading out for the day, a man about my age and very well dressed for professional work, called out to me and came running up the footpath, asking me where I got my bike from. … Continue reading

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Seen at the Smart Energy Expo today

This bike caught my eye as I could see from the distance that it was a vintage model, then on closer inspection I saw that it had this very cute sticker on it ……. changing its name from Repco to … Continue reading

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Seen at Broadmeadow station

I love how this bike has no decals, it is just tastefully covered with bike activism stickers. The black, lime green and purple colour scheme is captivating too …

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A ride of note, or notoriety …

Yesterday, on a glorious day sandwiched between the rain we have become accustomed to this past summer, nineteen people, and one dog, converged on Marketown with our bikes and Steven Fleming of Cycle Space¬†took us on a guided tour of … Continue reading

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The beach and bikes

There is somehing about the beach which seems to attract the most quirky bikes, at least here in Newcastle. It is where you would expect to see plenty of beach cruisers, and this gorgeous, new, retro-styled Schwinn did stand out … Continue reading

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E-Trike for posties

What a great way for the post to be delivered!

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Pseudo motorcycle

It is hard for me to believe that bikes such as this are legal here, but they are. So long as the motor is an auxiliary motor and below a certain number of horsepower, it is perfectly legal and the … Continue reading

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Summer, the beach and the Mall

Now that our weather is finally becoming like proper summer weather, I have been able to go to Newcastle baths more frequently …and the bikes there! There is either a resurgence of delightful (to me) bikes, or I had been … Continue reading

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