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Winter school holidays

Such a confident little chap! I love that she has a small basket on the front with her name on it! Colourful bike and rider! Bike planter with cherub rider!

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Bicycles in Newcastle this week

In spite of the shocking weather we have had the past two days, beach cruisers were out in force today …And bikes were also in the local media again, with an announcement being made that an approved rates increase for … Continue reading

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Hamilton in the late afternoon

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Why NOT cycle to work?

I recently visited a friend who does not cycle to work but is very well placed to do so. She lives in a housing complex which is very well serviced with cycleways, there is a separated cycleway which goes almost … Continue reading

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Bikes seen around Newcastle this week: a study in red

The unusual frame on this red bike in Cooks Hill caught my eye. A red ladies vintage bike. A red top, and crossing the road. A modern red loopframe. Red reflectors.

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Bikes at the John Hunter Hospital today

Today at the place where I park my bike at the hospital there were nine other bikes. Usually there are about five at most. It is coming into winter now and although our winters are very mild, many still put … Continue reading

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Today Newcastle Cycleways Movement conducted a survey of bikes around the city for two hours, from 8am till 10am. I counted bikes at a corner in Adamstown and counted a total of 114 bikes, 78 were ridden by men and … Continue reading

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Urban cycling

When I started having to use Beaumont Street in my transport cycling, I was too nervous about it to cycle in the traffic preferring instead to use the footpath, either cycling slowly or pushing my bike. Once I worked up … Continue reading

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Wet weather cycling: where attention to detail counts

I had decided to wear skirts as much as possible this winter after donning my jeans recently for the first time this autumn and finding them too uncomfortable. With their tightness on my calves and ever-descending waistline, I felt that … Continue reading

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Bikes seen on Hunter Street yesterday

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