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A study in black

This cruiser caught my eye – all matt black except for the spoke nipples, reflectors and name. It looked so new in spite of the matt black look. And the ┬ásimplicity of it, even down to just one brake, I … Continue reading

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The typical Novocastrian bicyclist

When I first started this blog, my aim was to reflect the cycling style of Novocastrians and to comment on how infrastructure could be made better around here to accommodate us. And it has been a bit like that, though … Continue reading

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Christmas shopping & other things

While I decide what to do about racks and baskets on my bikes, I improvised with my shopping today, it worked well for me, though I think that if I had a long way to travel with a flimsy bag … Continue reading

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Very nice fixie

I have featured this bike before as a form of art, but this time I am looking at it in more detail, as it has some interesting features…The lights, frontand rear ….not very clear photo, unfortunately, but you can see … Continue reading

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First day of summer …

Although the weather here today does not reflect it, we are now officially in summer, so to celebrate, a few summery pics taken some time ago …

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Seen on Darby Street recently

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Bicycles in Newcastle: more bikes on the street?

At the city campus of the uni today there were so many bikes chained up at the bike racks that I had to use a parking signpost to chain mine up. This is the first time this has happened and … Continue reading

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Off Darby Street, Cooks Hill

This bike rider had her vintage one speed bike done up for her by her boyfriend. I really like the wicker basket she has …

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Cool One Speed

This very cool one speed was being ridden along the unlikely streets of Adamstown. Its owner told me the frame is vintage and the rest is all new. I am particularly impressed with the white chain and the racy-looking blue … Continue reading

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